Hire an Interior Designer

Why Hire an Interior Designer

Hire an Interior Designer

Is an Interior Designer money well spent? Am I wasting my money calling a designer? Is Hiring an Interior Designer an unaffordable luxury?

All questions you should ask yourself before considering the engagement of an Interior Designer and ones that we have no short answers to.

This is my first blog post on our newly revamped website and this a subject on my mind as I return from maternity leave with fresh enthusiasm into a dampened Perth construction market.

In this blog post, I’ll do my best to lay out our case as to why we deserve involvement in your next project and why in fact if you hire an Interior Designer it is a very economical way to approach your next renovation!

From when you first sit down and have a conversation in your household or business about a renovation project that needs to be done, all the way through to the day the last decorative object is settled into its new home, there are many stages in between. To get through all of these stages successfully to the end result, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself which will help you decide if it is worthwhile to hire an Interior Designer:


How much of my time is this project going to take?

A refurbishment of a large kitchen is going to take far longer than a new linen cupboard but in each case there is an output of time in research/detailing/sourcing materials/project management/ overseeing that will directly impact on the householder’s lives. If you hire an Interior Designer it will mean you can relax into a role of client rather than manager, you will be called on to make decisions on the overall look, finish and cost but the detailing, specifications and engagement of trades can be taken out of your hands and looked after by a specialist who deals with this type of environment on a day to day basis, easing the stress and burden on yourself.


Where will I source materials from and will I get the best prices?

The fee when you hire an Interior Designer can easily be offset against the product and supplier knowledge and Trade pricing available to designers. Also getting advice from an Interior Designer about using the right products and applications can avoid pain later down the line, certain products may look incredible but maintenance issues can arise turning them into a bad decision which can be expensive to rectify.


Am I confident of making the right choices?

Whilst this might sound flippant, it’s easy to be lured into the well marketed trend driven finishes and styles of whatever is “hot right now”. This may not suit your home, it could be a style without any longevity, in for a season and out the next, and also completely saturated in the marketplace. Everyone wants their home to be special and unique, not the same as everyone else in the neighbourhood! We don’t want you to look like everyone else, when you hire an Interior Designer you will get our own ambitions of creating a tailor-fit interior that has been created to suit and personify your needs and lifestyle!


Am I playing it safe?

It’s easy to get trapped in the architectural identity of your home and to not be able to see the possibilities available, i.e. “I live in a federation style home so I should have a traditional interior, right?”, “I live in a modern home, so I should have a modern interior, right?”. If you hire an Interior Designer we can help you break out of those limitations and propose fresh thinking. We are constantly exposed to the world of design and ideas are always evolving in our headspace, combining that and our love to collaborate we will help you change things up a little. Let’s dabble with different design styles and layout options and let us get the eclectic balance right so the interior not only works harmoniously with the fabric of the building but also reflects your personal style.

I know I have to say this but I do truly believe that to hire an Interior Designer should not only represent good value to a project but a smart decision for the client to get the best out of their project. Between making sure that the design is created exactly to specification, with the best interests of the client in mind, ensuring it is sourced to within the budget constraints and represents good value, to working with trades encouraging them to bring their best craftsmanship to the project, a good Interior Designer can only be value adding and to me that doesn’t seem luxurious, it just seems sensible.

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