Renaissance of the Kitchen Table

Renaissance of the Kitchen Table

Currently I am really drawn to the casual kitchen style which incorporates a relaxed kitchen table into the setting of the kitchen, I know it’s very old school but I think they might have been onto a good thing!

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I just love the informal and relaxed vibe you create when dining in the kitchen area, it really makes it the pivotal centre of the home. My heart really makes a connection with the casual breakfast gathering, kids all piled around a wooden kitchen table and I think it probably comes down to the fact that you have eye contact and it’s the face to face togetherness connection you get as opposed to the eyes forward sitting in a row format you get with an linear island bench.

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The informal kitchen table is a magnet for family activity, kids doing homework whilst we’re cooking dinner, pushing the kids colouring pencils out the way so you can have a coffee with a friend, spreading out Lego blocks and building mutant spaceships, old fashioned baking sessions with the mixing bowl sliding back and forth as everyone wants a turn to stir, gathering the extended family together kneading dough (yes people still do these things!) and passing the recipes down to the next generation.

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I think the key to making it work from a design point of view is to make the kitchen table different and tactile. warm and inviting. Hence why timber seems to be the popular choice in days of old and now. It’s creating a kitchen setting with an eclectic mix of styles and materials with the focus fixed on the action in the middle that Kitchen Table!

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Have you noticed these days how styling has also taken on a more relaxed view of the Dining table? gone are the table runners and central display pieces and now we are seeing vignettes based on everyday practicalities, plates and cutlery out for all to see (gasp!) all intent on inviting one to feel the relaxed homely mood.

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I guess it’s the anti response to the current trend of clean clutter free display kitchens with their butler’s kitchens and moving back and giving a nod to being real again….. the home setting that is family life can be pretty untidy sometimes and maybe by designing for this to be welcomed is a good thing after all this is where our memories and made & shared.

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