Children's Bedroom

Forever Grey & Dreamy Blush

Children's Bedroom

A Case Study of A Children’s Bedroom

These days it can be expensive to do up a children’s  bedroom and with their personal tastes and interests so fleeting it can feel by the time you have placed the finishing touches onto the shelves they have already started to grow out of that phase. So my advice would be to try and make it easier on yourself and create a room which can easily be updated with your child’s progressive aging.


Working on A Strong Base

Consider the main elements of the children’s bedroom, the flooring, the walls, and window treatments and make selections that will be easy to compliment and co-ordinate with for many an update.

For example, the walls, simple soft pale colours will usually work best and maybe think about adding interest by ways of texture from wall paneling and moldings, or consider a feature wall of wallpaper  with timber grains or subtle geometric patterns or a series of picture frames.  These are all ways to add interest and enhance the mood of a room without casting an age stamp on the room.

This way all you should need to do to give your children’s room and age refresh is look to simply changing the easy and fun decorator items like bed linen, floor rugs, cushions & maybe some new artwork for your frames.


Our Profile Project:

This project of ours is a great example of how a children’s bedroom can have great longevity and timeless appeal. The co-inhabitants of this children’s bedroom are two sisters aged 7 & 10 years old. We needed to create something wonderful and long lasting to see them through to their teenage years.

Long lasting drew us to classic white & grey and to keep it youthful and feminine we were inspired by the current trend for blush pink. So, with our colour palette approved by the girls we went to work.


Childern's Bedroom

Where to Invest

A key investment item for this children’s bedroom were the beds. We went for a simple bedhead and ensemble base configuration. The bedheads were custom made with an elegant profile, deep buttoned and upholstered in a grey velvet . The curtains co-ordinate back to the bedhead though here we opted for a change in texture selecting a premade grey faux silk look eyelet panel hung from a satin silver rods with traditional ball finials for that finishing touch.


Children's bedroom


For the walls in this children’s bedroom we chose a warm white wall paint colour and then added interest by dressing x2 of the walls in white & silver Graham & Brown Jazz wallpaper which I think has a subtle art nouveau feel to the pattern.  The wallpaper really gives the room a sense of whimsy and its subtle glitter effect provides that the little bit of glitz and prettiness especially in the evening when the lights are on.


Children's bedroom


To dress the twin beds we opted for a simple white cotton duvet covers which have  a contrasting grey embroidered inset trim detail.  We then layered accent cushions of faux fur in a blush pink with co-oridating throw rugs,  but we felt we needed to break up that colour blocking with some kind of bold pattern so we found some  large scale grey and white polka dot breakfast cushions which we feel really adds that playful touch.  The combination is a warm, sophisticated  and so so pretty!


Children's bedroom

Inject some Personality

For the wall that faces the beds we applied a simple series of 4x wall rectangular molding.  These moldings framed up a fun way for the girls to display their clothing and personal photos and created a constant visual display element to the room which the girls would have their own control over and feel free to express themselves and to have fun and experiment.


Children's Bedroom


Young girls can collect an array of books and trinkets and it can be difficult to display these in a children’s bedroom without it feeling untidy but they were so important emotionally for the girls to have them in their room. So we found a large white display cabinet with glass doors which kept these items contained but always accessible.

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